In 2021, Franzbonanza started Wasted to fill the space left by GTA Derby Destruction, a vehicle-combat mod that was unfortunately discontinued. He initially tried to create a new game trying to fork Yorg: a pretty car racing game made in Python made by Flavio Calva. But he realized he needed something different for his project. Franz shared his ideas on gaming forums and social media platforms, and formed a loose team from around the world while building the tools for a new game. Namely: CrystalTheEevee, who added car designs, and Spongycake, who supported gameplay.

As more people joined the project in the following months, Franz then declared SuperTuxKart as the game's new base of development. Franz's reason was tied to the fact SuperTuxKart had an impressive toolset offering solid coding and testing environments. However, as a new battle mode was introduced, Wasted began to deviate from SuperTuxKart.

Wasted remains committed to free software ideals, striving to produce a high-quality game that can both meet industry standards and become a popular hit. The team's development model is publicly available, and they actively encourage others to participate in the game's making. With this level of collaboration and dedication, the Wasted team is excited to showcase their game to the world and create an unforgettable experience for all players.


During these years, the project was developed without any break.
We started with a demo in 2021 to have a working game in 2023!
First release was a test release in December 2022 followed by 0.1
which started to deliver the main features of the game.

With Version 0.2 and 0.3 a lot of work went into a custom camera mode
which allows the user to freely rotate the camera with the mouse,
improving the game mode, Windows version, powerups and bug fixing.
Now our main objective is to bring the game to a new level
and allow everybody to play seamlessly.

Our objective for 0.4 is to Improve the physics of the game and make it
funnier trying to imitate the old GTA SA experience.
We also want to create an unique playlist of music and radios with CC music only
and with funny spots bringing back the old GTA vibes!


August 2021

Wasted prototype forking Yorg

December 2021

Development starts as a fork of STK


May 2022

Test release is out


May 2023

First release 0.1 is out!

December 2023

Release 0.3 is out!